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zRec is a solution to help on-site pre-visualisation, post-production, compositing with real-time recording of camera track, field of view and depth image data with the original RGB video. It is a versatile application not only for motion pictures production but for high-end episodic TV, OTT internet entertainment, commercials and daily television shows like sports, news, weather.

• Using its own container (.zRec) it helps editors, CGI artists to streamline workflows and get rid of repetitive tasks. 

• Records RGB video in an .mxf wrapper simultaneously, which contains on-site previs or pre-rendered composited sequences in sync with the data in .zrec format.

• Our Unity3D plugin can import the EDL from the editing workstations showing the parts need to be changed and opens the .zrec data. Any animation can be modified, re- rendered and saved for further editing.

• zRec Exporter can take the depth map, camera track info, lens data and the original RGB video to advanced visual effects and motion graphics solutions where the final compositing happens.