When medicine meets augmented reality…



What is zMed?

3D imaging and visualization technology for unified visualization of medical data and reality

exceeds the current display limits

creates a completely new visualization mode

the unbound 3D viewpoint together with true-to-life rendering place the viewer into real AR, where real space can be extended with virtual objects

innovative demonstration technology that modernizes the current visualization methods 

In which medical fields is zMed adaptable?

▸▸ Medical education and training
It is of utmost importance that future physicians – together with the development of the technology – are encouraged to learn the latest methods that they will be able to actively use in their practice.

▸▸ To improve doctor-patient relationship
Explaining and visualizing the patient’s illness helps the doctor-patient communication and the patient to understand the problem more clearly.

▸▸ Surgical planning and preparation
In the pre-operative phase, it gives the doctors an even more accurate picture which reduces the surgical planning time and at the same time it contributes to a more precise design of each surgical procedure.

What are the benefits of zMed?

highly personalized visualization

detailed, fast, complex and real-time rendering

virtual content rendering from an unbound point of view for mixed reality 

we can virtually look into the inside of the real objects

we can freely change the virtual content