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A portable Virtual presence solution with easy location setup, to stream and project remote content into any Virtual Studio environment in real time with the rewards of travel cost.



Main Features

Provides an  easy-to-set-up camera-tracking solution

__with mobile green screen

Fast setup and workflow

Handles video and audio in sync

Remotely connected to existing Virtual Studio

(Vizrt plug-in or SDK available)

Standard streaming from location

Studio and on-site location synchronization

Any number of locations simultaneously

Unlimited number of broadcast cameras are supported

•  A‘TrackPC+’ that also runs the user interface is needed for the 1st camera and a ‘TrackPC’ for each additional cameras on location

•  A SynchPC is needed in the studio to receive

the stream of each location



Main Camera Information

▸ Supported cameras: any digital broadcast camera with HD-SDI monitoring

Supported lenses: all lens types are supported – zooming during operation not supported

Lens metadata: not supported

Lens calibration: 

• zLense High Precision Proprietary Calibration Procedure restoring and reinstallation from database

• Recalibration: takes approximately 10 minutes after lens configuration change

▸ Initial Location setup:

• up to 1 hour installation

• up to 2 hours calibration

▸ Supported Camera Configurations: tripod, dolly, crane, Jib, pedestal

Camera Monitor Feed is Required during calibration only:

• 1080p@25, 1080p@30, 1080i@50, 1080i@60

▸ Composite preview return video to camera is available


Technical parameters

Camera tracking reinitialization is not time dependent

Delay is handled and synchronized at the Studio end

Field of view: 120˚ flexibility with appropriate camera setup

Camera sensor Unit

Configuration: 1 unit per broadcast camera

Mounting: flexible positioning

Power: either from camera or using Ethernet (PoE) – (max 4W, PoE Class 2, IEEE standard 802.3af)

Operation: distance from server is up to 2.000 m with fiber or 100 m with copper

Weight: approximately 500g

Server solutions

‘zTrackPC’ and ‘zSynchPC’

Configuration: one tracking server per broadcast camera plus one interface server per setup

Operating system: Linux based custom OS

Application interface: running on zTrackPC+(one per location)

 Location: rack-mounted – controlled over KVM

Mobile – OB Truck


Ethernet data stream with SDK


Studio setup: supported

Outdoor on-site setup: supported

Hardware Configuration

▸ HP z440 PC for each server – (minimum configuration HP z440 L9K26UT with no OS and 16 GB RAM)

▸ 2 standard monitors with keyboard/mouse

▸ 1 control monitor

▸ 1 rigged Sensor Unit per camera

▸ 1 piece of calibration object per location

▸ 1 still camera and SD card reader

▸ Green screen pop-up wall with markers

▸ PoE and Ethernet network

▸ Chroma-keyer on location (with SDI video switcher and genlock for multi camera setup)

▸ Audio/video delay in studio (one for each camera)

▸ Streaming solution (standard) from location to studio

▸ Mobile or satellite connection between studio and location

▸ Audio monitors