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Complete Virtual Studio solution for broadcast environment for production, previsualization, virtual production.







Main Features

   Includes the precise and flexible camera-tracking solution: zTrack

   Includes zLense Rig (minimum one per setup)

   Unity rendering engine/compositing software

___software with zLense’s plugin can be added

   Requires green screen studio with chroma-keyer

___and a marker set for zTrack, scaled to the studio needs

   Fast setup and workflow

   Integrated lens calibration with any lense type using

___zLense Studio calibration module

   Unlimited number of broadcast cameras are supported

___• A ‘zLensePC’ is needed for each zLense Rig running

___the depth processing, tracking and user interface

___• a ‘TrackPC’ is needed for all additional cameras

___without zLense Rig

___• and a ‘zRenderPC’ per setup that runs Unity








Main Camera Information

  Supported cameras: any digital broadcast cameras with HD-SDI monitoring

  Supported lenses: all lense types are supported – zooming during operation: not supported

  Lens metadata: not supported

  Lens calibration:

___• zLense High Precision Proprietary Calibration Procedure, restoring and reinstallation from database

___• recalibration: approximately 10 minutes after lens configuration change

  Initial Studio setup:

__ • up to 5 hours marker installation (one time preparation)

__ • up to 2 hours calibration per camera

 Supported Camera Configurations: handheld, tripod, dolly, crane, Jib, pedestal,

___Technocrane, Steadicam, Libra Head, Ultimate/Russian Arm

 Camera monitor feed is required during calibration only:

__• 1080p@25, 1080p@30, 1080i@50, 1080i@60

 Composite preview return video to camera is available.

Technical Parameters

Camera tracking reinitialization is not time dependent

Delay: 15 frames

Field of View: 360˚ flexibility with appropriately positioned Markers

zLense Unit

Configuration: minimum 1 unit per setup

Mounting: in front of camera on 15mm standard camera rods

Power: from its own power supply (24V)

Operation: distance from server is up to 2.000 m with fiber or 100 m with copper

 Weight: approximately 6,5 kg


Rendered video is delivered on HD-SDI (as key and fill video)

Preview is available on HDMI


Studio setup: supported

Outdoor on-site setup: not supported

Camera tracking sensor unit

 Configuration: 1 unit per broadcast camera

 Mounting: flexible position

 Power: either from camera or using Ethernet (max 4W, PoE Class 2, IEEE standard 802.3af)

 Operation: distance from server is up to 2.000 m with fiber or 100 m with copper

Weight: approximately 250g

Server solution

‘zLensePC’, ‘zTrackPC’ and ‘zRenderPC’

Configuration: one server per broadcast camera plus one server per setup

Operating system: Linux based custom OS for ‘zLensePC’ and ‘zTrackPC’ and Windows for ‘zRenderPC’

Application interface: running on zLensePC (one per setup), Unity interface is on ‘zRenderPC’

Location: rack-mounted – controlled over KVM

▸ System Layout

System layout

Hardware Configuration

▸ HP z440 workstation for each server (minimum configuration HP z440 L9K26UT with no OS and 16 GB RAM)

▸ zRender PC (recommended): HP z840 PWH-840514 with nVidia GTX1080 graphics card

▸ 2 standard monitor per setup with keyboard/mouse

▸ 1 control monitor

▸ 1 zLense Rig (minimum)

▸ 1 rigged camera tracking sensor unit for each additional cameras

▸ 1 piece of calibration object per setup

▸ 1 still camera and SD card reader

▸ Set of markers (printed out from database according to need)

▸ PoE and Ethernet network

▸ Synchron generator or sync output from the switcher for camera genlock

▸ SDI switcher with built-in chroma-keyer or external chroma-keyer with multiple camera inputs

▸ Green screen