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Zinemath Zrt. is looking for new employees to bolster its research & development team at Pécs. The focus of the development is 3D visualization of medical images alongside other virtual content in applications, as well as the development of the content-provider systems.

We are currently looking to hire:

Software Developer Software (System) Architect Hardware Developer Engineer Techwriter



Zinemath Zrt develops the zLense virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platform, which is the first depth mapping camera in the world. It is a unique digital lens add-on to professional broadcast and film cameras that enable producers and filmmakers to utilise VR and AR effects in real time and recorded TV and video productions. Our products drastically reduce the cost of virtual productions, and offer creative possibilities not available in other virtual production systems.

We are currently looking to hire:

There ara no current openings, please check back later


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